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With the rapid evolution of national economy, the utilization progress is growing significantly. The initiation of the renovation and growth makes the volume of the building waste rise year by year. Especially in recent two years, under the powerful support of the state funds, the rapid increase of building waste brings a good deal of environmental problems, which leads to the attention and concern of the government and the general public.

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In order to address the issues brought by construction waste, the processing projects of building waste have been started from the major towns of China, where the waste treatment equipment-crusher comes in handy. For the management and procedure of construction waste, many European developed countries implement the strategy of reducing the origin of the structure wastes, notably by scientific management and efficient control to reduce its level prior to the construction waste having formed.

Social industrialization level is high, the growth of mining machinery business in China is getting better, which can be pregnant with tremendous growth potential. But from the current domestic situation from the mining machinery business, the international land mining machinery market is much worthy for us to understand; in order to cope with the natural environment and achieve harmonious development, it needs mining machines OJ green energy generation through a variety of innovative technology invention on manufacturing design, manufacturing tools, manufacturing process and production businesses to lessen environmental pollution and enhance resource usage, and finally attain economic and social effective communicating; efficient zero-pollution mining machinery and have an excellent development prospects. As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machines, for example ore separating line, Henan Hongxing is always doing the very best in products and service.

Because of green and renewable resources, geothermal is recognized new energy from world nations to maintain the sustainable development of society; Its been better used in developed countries where is full of geothermal resources; the evolution the crust energy resources and solid waste resource expand the service sector for mining machines. For mining machinery,China has the largest demand in the world. It ends up that many international enterprises focus on this market. This season, Chinas construction machinery industry is facing tremendous challenges, but total sales market remains in China. Last season, Chinas construction machines and equipment exposition on this problem on to make this inference: building machines market downturn, the person species or even negative development, even if the mining equipment, building machinery leading partnerships will likely be affected, but its merely a temporary occurrence.